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Are you struggling with a challenging child? Heather has the tools you need to improve your parent/child relationship and to help a young person in crisis. You will feel right at home with Heather. As a mother of 6”ish,” Heather helps parents all over the world recognize their strengths while offering new skills for happier, healthier, interactions with their kids! If you have a child that needs help, time is of the essence, please do not wait until it is too late. You CAN like your kid again… let Heather show you how!


“I wanted to give you feedback on your advice for my son Thomas. It worked!! I have given him back his responsibility and he has taken it. Which has changed the atmosphere in the house completely. I have also told him that I had done so and he understood. THANK YOU!!! Big big big Hug to you, gorgeous.” -Meer F.

Some Of Heather’s Success Strategies:
How to Motivate Your Kids
How To Communicate So Teens Listen AND Respond
What Teens Really Want
How To Encourage Self Esteem
The Power Of Positivity
How To Get Kids To Do Their Chores
How To Get Rid Of Entitlement Thinking
How To Handle Bullying
How To Break Bad News So Kids Can Cope
How To Get Kids Out Of Depression, Sadness, And Loneliness
Teaching Kids How To Overcome Challenges
Life Skills
Teaching Kids About Cyber Responsibility and Social Media Etiquette
…and so much more!

Heather creates a custom coaching plan for each family, contact Heather today and let her know what your needs are so you can get your family back on track!

“One of the many things I took away from one of our sessions was that Ray and I are the foundation of our family. We tell the kids that we are a team, we don’t make decisions without consulting each other! Also we DO NOT question each other’s authority in front of the kids! If we disagree, We talk about it later! I really appreciate you perspective. Your honest, tell it like it is, but at the same time you are so compassionate and empathetic! I get so much INSPIRATION from reading your daily posts! Keep it up!!! Your making a difference in my life and in my families lives!!!” -Heather Hockenberry

“Ms. Paris is deeply compassionate and generous with her time, resources and spirit in service to young people. Her unflagging positive energy and genuine interest in students supported their success, even and especially when events outside of school threatened to derail them. I am deeply appreciative of her contributions to New Roots Charter School in our first two “start up” years, when talents and her commitment to service were invaluable to our schools growth and development.”
Tina Nilsen-Hodges
New Roots Charter School Ithaca, NY

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