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Imagine, your child is freakin’ out. You’re on your last nerve…….

You lose your shit, start yelling and now instead of controlling the situation, you have a crying child, your blood pressure is sky rocketing, and your re-thinking this whole “parenting” crap that seemed so rewarding! lol.

What can you do in those moments instead of screaming, yelling, or freaking out???

Get really quiet!

Turn off all the noise boxes (TV, radio, computer) and sit quietly in the center of the chaos. Your kiddo will get confused and want to know what’s going on. Calmly and with a whisper say “It’s quiet time.”

If he freaks out or starts yelling, simply say in a very quiet voice, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you when you speak that loudly.” Once he quiets down, then respond!

A little twist on this is that if your child is ever disrespectful to you, you can also say “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you when you speak to me that way.” Do not respond until their tone is appropriate! This works on older kids too!

It’s definitely counter intuitive to get quiet when you feel the call to yell but let’s face it… the only thing yelling does is stress YOU out and adds more noise to an already chaotic situation.

Try something new, get quiet! Remember to be a tiny pebble!

When standing by the waters edge, if someone chucks in a boulder, you automatically run to avoid the splash, but if someone throws in a tiny pebble, you lean it to watch the ripples. 

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