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I get this question often, “When should I speak up, and when should I just mind my own business?” 

In fact, I often wonder that myself. As a coach, I’m almost always ready to jump in to help but is it always my business to do so?

I’ve discovered a sure fire way to know 100% of the time when you should speak up versus butting out…. 

Just ask!

I have adult children, so the opportunity to impart my own wisdom comes up often when I see my child struggling but I’ve learned that offering unsolicited advice is the best way to get someone to ignore it!

So now, I just ask if they want my help/advice/opinion.

If they say yes, then I give them my input.

If they say no, I leave it alone but let them know they are welcome to come to me if they need me.

During a conversation with my friend Carol (who inspired this post) she told me that someone once said to her, “You can listen to me with your head or your heart.” 

I think that is a brilliant statement and I’ve tweaked it a little to use when you have to deliver UNsolicited advice because let’s face it, sometimes we just have to intervene:

“You can listen to me with your ego or your heart, but please know that I am giving my opinion because I care about you and wish the best for you.” 

Your unsolicited advice will be more well received if you make your intentions clear in the beginning.

I can’t tell you how many kids believe their parents give advice to make their lives miserable and not because they actually care. Let them know you care!

Remember, the best advice is advice that is welcomed! 🙂

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