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Have you ever read the book “Holes?”

In the book, the main character Stanley mentioned that life digging holes was so bad that he would sometimes prod a small rattlesnake to bite him so he could get a couple of days of rest in the tent to recover.

Hmmm…. if sometimes a rattlesnake bite is a GOOD thing, maybe other things that seem bad are just opportunities!

How can you turn a rattlesnake bite into something positive?

  • Could a neglectful family member just be a reminder to be closer to your own kids?
  • Could a burnt Thanksgiving meal be a great excuse to eat dessert for dinner?
  • Could being snowed in be an opportunity to get some things done at home?

    ( Yes… I am currently snowed in but Thad just messaged me now and said that he found someone to come plow us out in the next few hours! Yay!! )

It’s not naive to look for the silver lining in every situation, it’s astute!

So this week, when stresses can be higher and family can be crankier, consider the rattlesnake bite and find the lesson or blessing in each moment.

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you soooo much love, inspiration, and happiness this week! 🙂

Love and Inspiration,


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