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What’s the BEST gift ever???

It’s your enthusiasm for whatever your spouse is excited about! 

When was the last time your spouse came to you with an idea, thought, or project and you didn’t show enthusiasm?

In fact, you might have half-heartedly said “That’s nice.” with no excitement in your voice, no sparkle in your eye, and no concern in your heart for your partners feelings.

If you really want to give an awesome gift that they will never forget… GET FUCKING EXCITED!!! Yes, that required an F-bomb. 

This is one of the biggest complaints I hear… one spouse is excited about something and the other spouse is a complete buzz kill with their droll, lackluster response.

Come on now, SHOW SOME EXCITEMENT and watch how your spouse lights up!

They might even shower you with affection because they are so excited by your loving support!

It seems obvious when you read it, but in daily practice you might get a little lazy.

So right now, go let your partner know how freakin excited you are for them or with them about whatever “it” is!

As a reminder…. it’s only 13 days until Christmas!! Besides your over the top enthusiasm, you might want to purchase an autographed book….

***GUYS: Women LOVE when you read a book with them!!!***


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I Have A Guardian Angel 
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Be sure to include the name of the person you’d like me to sign the book to!

Thank you for being so very YOU! <3

With love, gratitude, and inspiration,
Heather Paris 
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