1 Habit of the Bravest People

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I was standing at the door, I didn’t want to knock because I hate parties. I didn’t really want to go, but I was obligated. I could hear the music inside, I could see the movement of people through the windows. I could almost smell the food being served inside. My stomach was in knots.

I stood there a moment thinking…

“Maybe I could run back to my car? Would anyone see me through the window? I hate parties.”

Then my inner pep talk kicked in… 

“Just need to go in, hang for an hour, then unceremoniously sneak out! You’ve got this! Smile! Everyone would miss you if you didn’t at least stop by. It’s important to them that you are there! Just do it Heather…..” Knock Knock!!

The bravest people give themselves pep talks! They don’t always count on other people to inspire, motivate, or encourage them. Instead, they pull what they need from themselves!

You can cheer on, encourage, and inspire all day long but when it comes right down to it, WE need to find our own inner voice because that is the only voice that is always with us!

This is a great skill to teach kids too!

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