QUIZ: Will your relationship last???

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Score each relationship category on a 1-10 scale, based on the following questions:
(1 = the worst.    10= the best.)

Security: ____
How stable does your relationship feel right now?HUMANNEEDSWHEEL

Emotional Freedom: ____
Does your partner accept you unconditionally?

Recognition: ____
Does your partner make you feel important, needed, desired, or

Spirit: ____
Are you growing together versus apart?

Adventure: ____
Do you have fun and play together or surprise one another?

Love: ____
Do you feel connected emotionally, mentally, socially, and sexually?


0-30: Fix it or lose it!
Time for repairs. It can be done, even if your partner won’t participate! You can’t change him or her, but you absolutely can inspire and influence with some strategies!! Get DIY Relationship Repair now, don’t wait another moment!

31-42: Not bad, but not awesome!
If someone told you their relationship was “not bad” how long would you expect it to last? “Not bad” relationships are easily swayed to awesome, or horrendous by one small thing! You can easily learn how to make sure it becomes awesome! Get DIY Relationship Repair now!

43-60: Level up!
Looks like you are enjoying a nice relationship with someone special! Keep it up by continuing to grow together! Take it to the next level by learning how to create even more magic moments together! Get DIY Relationship Repair now!

Your score doesn’t determine your relationship success, your willingness to learn and grow does!

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