Get your boss to pay!!

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What’s better than the Live Inspired Now Coach Training??? 

Getting your boss to pay your tuition for you!! 

Many companies are beginning to see the importance of investing in their employees personal growth and development. I mean really….

Happy employees = Happy customers! 

Since some of you have asked about material to present to your employer, we’ve put together packets that highlight the benefits of the Live Inspired Now Coach Training! 

The professional packet includes an application with the option for your employer to pay your tuition, as well as a flyer, and a letter for your boss!

If you’d like a packet to present to your employer, please just hit reply to this email and give me your mailing address and or email address for a digital copy!

Enrollment for this session ends August 31st, or when we reach capacity of 30 students so please don’t wait!

We have a very strong network of students who are making massive changes in the lives of their patients, students, children, co-workers, clients, companies, as well their own lives as a result of this course, and we think you’d fit right in! 

Just reply to this email and let us send you what you need to speak with your boss!

With love, gratitude, and inspiration,

Heather Paris


Heather Paris inspires people all over the world to create happier lives through talks, workshops, blog posts, and her book, Live Inspired Now; A Field Guide For Happiness. For more information about transforming your relationship, family, or your life, contact Heather today!