You can’t fix dead. 13 Reasons Why You’d Better Empower Your Kids.

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If you haven’t heard of the Netflix show “13 Reason Why” and you have children, you should really become familiar.

The long and short of it is this. A teenage girl goes through some pretty horrible experiences, creates 13 cassette tapes addressed to the people that hurt her, leaves the tapes with a friend, then goes home and commits suicide.

Does “13 Reasons Why” glorify suicide? Yes, and no. Let me explain…

If your child is mentally and emotionally strong and resilient, and not easily influenced, then no, it’s not glorifying suicide.

If your child is mentally or emotionally vulnerable, has little or no control over their emotions, and is easily influenced, then yes, absolutely it will glorify suicide to your child who’s watching the show in a raw mental state. 

I personally watched the entire series with my 15 year old daughter Carrie. There were violent scenes including 2 rapes, underage drinking and drugs, horrendous examples of parenting, and countless disappointments that make you want to scream to the screen to save this poor young girl who was already dead in the first episode. They even showed her suicide, and it wasn’t a hint, it was a full gut wrenching, emotionally torturous scene.

Carrie and I cried, we were appalled, we cringed and closed our eyes, and we gasped but most of all…. we talked. 

I don’t think any child, no matter what age, should be allowed to watch this show without parental participation and input. Again, if your teen is struggling… this series will show them how much influence a dead girl has on the world and I know that is NOT what you want your teen focused on if they are in pain.

Let me share with you 13 Reason Why you’d better empower your kids, before they think that suicide is a good option.

  1. It’s your job, responsibility, and obligation to ensure your child’s mental, emotional, social, and physical safety at all times and you can’t do that if you don’t know what they are watching, who they are with, and what they are experiencing.
  2. Your kind words may be the only ones they hear in a day.
  3. Anti-bullying campaigns don’t work. There will always be bully’s and mean people. The best way to protect your child is to teach them to protect themselves! Teach them emotional intelligence and resilience, mental strength, and some physical training wouldn’t hurt either! Self defense classes are a great way to help young people feel more secure!
  4. Make it safe for them to talk to you about anything so you can help them when they struggle. Let them know they will not get in trouble for being honest because their safety is your first priority!
  5. You can’t fix dead.
  6. When they leave the house, they need to know that no matter how bad the day was, they have a safe place to come home to. Safe from fighting, abuse, neglect, and despair… otherwise, they will find another place to spend their time and it only has to be LESS abusive, not healthy.
  7. Kids who are engaged in groups, sports, or activities with people, feel more accepted and connected and less likely to feel desperate.
  8. Kids who know how to care for their own emotional and mental needs are less likely to be discouraged when they are faced with challenges or tough times.
  9. Kids who are discerning are less likely to hang out with people who are involved in risky behavior or with people who won’t have their best interest in mind.
  10. Confident kids will advocate for themselves when they need it.
  11. Kids who understand consequences make better choices.
  12. Kids learn from, copy, and are deeply influenced by TV shows and if you don’t agree with me then explain to me why advertisers pay millions of dollars for one Superbowl commercial!
  13. Suicide doesn’t take pain away, it just gives it to other people.

Listen, this show can be a nightmare or an opportunity. If your child is struggling, don’t let them watch it and take this as a HUGE SCREAMING SIGN to do something to empower your kiddo before it’s too late! Never take your child’s safety for granted.

It is your responsibility to model good emotional and mental health for your children and to communicate with them! You can’t over communicate!

Please please please talk to your kids today. If you need help, reach out!! If you feel like you need to learn some mental and emotional intelligence yourself, join my life coach training course now and get what you need to empower yourself and your family! (Registration closes at the end of this week.)

There is NO substitute for your relationship with your child. They need you even if they say they don’t. They want you to know them, even if they say they don’t. And they love you even if they don’t say it.

Please share this article with anyone who has children. Let’s spread the word and see how many families we can help! Thank you!

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