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Carrie, Harry, and Madison on one of our adventures to the park!


This has become one of my kids all time favorite phrases!

At least once per Summer, I’d wake my kids up with this phrase! And after a while, they learned not to ask questions, they would eat quickly, and excitedly pile into the car because they knew….. it’s adventure time!

Growing up, my mother took flying lessons, worked at NASA, and drove a silver convertible. My dad blasted rock and roll music on his reel to reel and took us to the record store where we would look at albums for what seemed like hours! On my birthday, they would bring me to the toy store and say “pick out one thing… whatever you want!”

My parents were adventurous, I am adventurous, and now my kids are adventurous! That’s how it works!

So after the kids wake up, eat something, and pile into the car… I drive! I let them guess where we are going but I never tell them. Then it happens…. we pull into the amusement park and squeals of delight can be heard!

Every year it’s some place new… not always an amusement park, but always someplace fun and unexpected.

There is nothing more special than sharing an adventure with the ones you love most!

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive either! You could pack a picnic, the kids bathing suits, and head to the park. Or coordinate with other parents and meet up at a playground and let all the kids play together!

Whatever you do…. create a suspenseful adventure and you will be the HERO of the Summer!!! You can do this for your spouse too!

Fun, adventure, excitement, and spontaneity are not just for kids! Throw romance in there as well and really knock it out of the park!! 

Create your adventure today and let me know what you do! Maybe I’ll steal YOUR idea too! 🙂

Have a spectacular week!

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