You’re Not My Real Mom! Proven Strategies for the Success of Your Blended Family – eBook

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You’re Not My Real Mom

Love is simply not enough. You have to plan for the success of your family whether it’s blended or not! Heather Paris will teach you the success strategies needed to make a family work! Whether your blended family is already established, or you are in the process of combining families, this book will change your family life for the better!


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The Top Three Mistakes Step Parents Make: Don’t worry, you can turn it around!

Family Time: Making the most of your time with “visitation” kids.

How To Structure a Successful Family: The hierarchy of roles and creating a mission.

Finances: Combining vs separate finances.

Step, Half, Blended: Peaceful co-habitation for all family types.

Labels Are For Soup Cans: Should they call me Mom/Dad?

Create Rules That Work: Establish structure for stability and create boundaries.

Show The Kids How It’s Done: Be the example of a successful relationship!

Learn To Deal With Unhappy Ex’s: Strategies to deal with the EX-spouse.


Available exclusively on Amazon: You’re Not My Real Mom