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My son Harry told his friends….

“My Mom is a crazy bitch!”

…and it was the best lie he told!!

This may sound crazy, but it’s VITALLY important that you teach your kids to lie! 

I know, I know! We teach them to tell the truth but in some cases, lying is better!

Listen, peer pressure is intense and kids need a way to handle it and lying to their friends can be an extremely effective way to get out of a difficult situation.

Come up with several great “lies” WITH your kids that they can use to help get them out of risky situations.

Here are a few examples:

  • “No man, I’m not doing that, my mom is a crazy bitch and will kill my ass!”
  • “Nahhh, I’m already high/drunk, I don’t want any more!”
  • “I’m actually allergic to alcohol, I could die if I drink it. I can’t even take cough medicine.”
  • “My dad texted, he’s picking me up early because I didn’t do my stupid chores!”

Peer pressure is incredibly powerful. Our kids need to know how to handle these difficult social situations and these little lies could save them in many ways!

Be sure to tell them that after they lie their way out of danger, they must call or text you immediately to get picked up from where they are!

Also, be sure to remind them that they will never get in any trouble for these types of lies and for being responsible enough to make a better choice than their friends!

Parenting is hard. NOT parenting is much harder… on you, on the kid, and on society! If you need help, please reach out to me today! DO NOT WAIT! Prevention is easier than intervention!!!

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Heather Paris
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