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11162514_887742371299152_1450963724855257129_nWhile I was vacationing / working in Hawaii, Thad and I took a “breathwork” certification class. Breathwork is a state of altering your breathing for an extended period which puts you into an altered state of consciousness. A certified coach paces your breathing, and guides you through the entire process. It is highly effective in helping people release past trauma, even as far back as the birth experience. Some people see colors and shapes, some “hallucinate,” while others are able to connect to their subconscious on a deep level.

In class, we had to go through the process multiple times and it was incredible! During one of my very powerful sessions, a friend from my past came to visit me! He passed away about 10 years ago, but he stopped in while I was in this altered breathing state just to say hello and to remind me that he is pure joy and love, as they all are on the other side.

During another session, I was reconnected with nightmares that I had as a young child. As a very young person, as far back as I can remember, I had these terrible nightmares. They weren’t of monsters but rather colors and shapes that moved in and out of view… kind of like being stuck inside of a lava lamp! These nightmares haunted me for some time, then they went away, never to return again. Until this breathwork session. During the session, these same scary images came back to me, only they weren’t scary anymore. It’s like they were still stuck in my unconscious, but I released them. And not to get totally nutty on you, but I am under the impression that those dreams that I had, were of my birth experience! How crazy is that?! But it makes sense… at 4 or 5 years old, dreaming of a lava lamp type experience that was scary to me…. what else could it be right?

The entire experience was out of this world. And whether or not I “hallucinated” seeing my friend, or if my lava lamp had nothing to do with my birth… none of that matters. What matters is that the experience was beyond exceptional. I released more emotion than I ever thought possible and afterward, I felt completely new. It was something I will never forget, and the best part is… every time you do it is a new experience! Some people just get a sense of overwhelming peace and relax through the entire thing. I had 2 participants that fell sound asleep and woke refreshed.

I am so excited to be certified so I can share this breathwork experience with my clients. What a gift to be able to help guide people through such a powerful and moving experience! If you would like information about this transformational breathwork experience, please email me at Heather@liveinspirednow.com

What do YOU think of this concept? Are you willing to try it for yourself? Leave your comments here on this page and see what others are saying too!

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