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Single and looking? DON’T look for someone like minded, and DON’T worry about finding someone with common interests!

Yep, I just said that.

Everyone’s so worried about finding someone to do stuff with that they don’t think to look for someone they can just “be” with. 

Rather than looking for the like minded person with common interests, focus instead on finding someone who is LIKE-VALUED!

When I first met my husband Thad, I thought he was so handsome, but I also thought he was a jerk!

He was a meat eating country boy who had never walked on fire, and never heard of, or even watched the movie, “The Secret!” (One of my favs!)

I was a vegan, firewalking, hippie freak who had never heard of, let alone played, the game “corn hole.”

Besides physical attraction, what the hell did we see in each other?

Common values.

Although on the outside we appeared to have little in common, we both had a deep desire to have one more relationship… just one more, and it had to be magical!

We both valued learning, growing, and family. We valued honesty, and clean living. We valued excellent communication and friendship. We both valued hard work and ambition. We valued generosity and volunteering.

And it was these values that brought us together, and keep us together.

Sit down and make a list of your values so you can get a clearer picture of the things you want in a soul mate! You may discover that you have been looking for love in all the wrong places!

What would you do for your soul mate? Absolutely anything right?

So once you find him, you will be more than happy to take an interest in the things that interest him and vice verse!

What good is it if he shares your love of cooking but hates to tell the truth?

When Thad and I got together, he eventually stopped eating meat, and I even went hiking and camping! Not because we asked, forced, or required one another to do so, but because we value one another so much that we make an effort to participate in one another’s interests.

And very often, we discover that we enjoy something we didn’t know we liked!

Listen, single people all over the world are doing it wrong! Help them find their soul mate by sharing this article!

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