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Once when my daughter Madison was an angsty teenager, she said to me “You NEVER let me do anything!” 

This ridiculous statement came after she spent an entire weekend with her friends, hanging out at the local apple festival, and having a sleepover! AND, I made homemade pizza, and cookies for the sleepover!!! 

REALLY? I NEVER let you do anything??? 

Kids tend to globalize everything and it’s important that we help them see the true reality of things because otherwise they will begin to see the world as they describe it. 

YOU will become the enemy because they “ALWAYS” see you as the bad guy. 

Today’s video offers a quick tip to save your relationship from your child’s crazy, hormonal, teenage brain!

Hang in there!

Has your child ever said something like this? Leave your comment below!



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  1. Gary Drumm
    June 14, 2016

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    My son gets frustrated and uses what I call “universal” language, ‘all’, ‘every’, ‘never’, ‘always’, etc. When he does, I use this EXACT technique to call his language into question and invariably he stops and focuses on what he’s saying and realizes that it’s not true.

    What’s interesting is my wife does pretty much the exact opposite and in almost every situation a war ensues.

    Above all, I try to always remember that language is a powerful tool and like all powerful tools it has the potential to be highly destructive if not used properly.

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