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1 Question that EVERY single person better ask a potential mate!

If you don’t mind casual dating and are NOT looking for a serious relationship, you can stop reading now. If you are looking for that special someone, or might be in the future, read on… This is the one question

#1 Tip To Find Your Soul Mate- tell your single friends!!

Single and looking? DON’T look for someone like minded, and DON’T worry about finding someone with common interests! Yep, I just said that. Everyone’s so worried about finding someone to do stuff with that they don’t think to look for

If this doesn’t get me kicked off the PTA, nothing will!

Do you know a “spoiled rotten kid?” C’mon, we all do… or have at least witnessed one, mid temper tantrum, in the store, crying over the newest candy bar, toy, or cell phone!  Seriously, I think that may be the