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Mindfulness Conference- Auburn, NY

Friday, October 21 7:00pm – Film: Happy w/panel discussion led by Heather Paris Saturday, October 22 7:45-9:00am – Registration 8:00-8:30am – Meditation w/Karen Maezen Miller 9:00-10:15am – Keynote Speaker Karen Maezen Miller 10:30-11:45am – Mindful Eating w/Barbara Mendez 12:00-1:00pm – Lunch 1:30-3:00pm

Are you a “Love Warrior?”

Wow wow wow!!! I recommend books all the time, but THIS book… seriously, I almost unfriended someone over it! lol The other day I told a friend, “If you don’t read Love Warrior, we can no longer be friends!” And

#1 Divorce indicator… are YOU doing it?

Contempt is the #1 indicator of divorce according to the research of Dr. John Gottman. But what exactly is contempt? Contempt is the feeling that a person is worthless and it will destroy any relationship! You might think that people in