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Keeping Kids Off Drugs & Alcohol- It’s Easier Than You Think!

Drugs and alcohol are killing our kids. The problem is everywhere, no matter where you look. WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Please, I beg you to take action BEFORE you need to because: PREVENTION IS EASIER THAN INTERVENTION!!! Here

1 Easy Tip To Stop Kids From Seeing You As The Bad Guy!

Once when my daughter Madison was an angsty teenager, she said to me “You NEVER let me do anything!”  This ridiculous statement came after she spent an entire weekend with her friends, hanging out at the local apple festival, and

I heard you were frustrated? Try this…..

What frustrates you? The hot, sweaty, muggy, days of Summer frustrate me. (Yes, I prefer Winter!) We ALL get frustrated, and that’s OK and even good…. but it’s what we DO with those emotions that really impact us. If you