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Preventing “Me too” in your own kids….

Have you seen the “Me too” posts going around on social media? It’s a post designed to bring awareness to the prevalence of sexual abuse. Anyone who’s status says “Me too” is indicating that they have been the victim of

Shit rolls down hill…

Shit rolls down hill but so does kindness! Kids will say, do, and behave the way you do! They will love, nurture, appreciate, compliment, grow, learn, and light up the way you do. They will also hate, avoid, ignore, insult, and

What happened in Vegas last week……

OMG. Seriously…┬áIt seems the tagline “What happens in Vegas” really does bring out some horrendous behavior in people as Thad mentioned in the email last week! (Thank you Thad! <3) I saw way too many boobs and even a penis