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FREE COACHING- What’s troubling you today?

This week I’d like to offer you some FREE coaching! (Adding to my good karma account!) Just email me Heather@liveinspirednow.comĀ  and finish one of the following statements… How can I get my spouse to………. How can I get my kid

Your kids want you to know….

Your kiddo would like you to know that when YOU feel good, THEY feel good!!! It really is that simple. Parents over work and under take care of themselves so they can “provide” for the family but what the kid

The Teen Party With NO Adult Chaperones….

I’m proud of something my daughter Carrie said, but I didn’t tell her I was proud, and here’s why… So Carrie was invited to a party at her friends house. She was told the party would be totally unchaperoned! (