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Awesome gift ideas for the “hard to buy for” people!!

Thad wins in my house for giving the BEST gifts ever! I try really hard to compete, but most often fall short of his amazingness in gift giving! 🙂 With that in mind, I was thinking that maybe some of

You didn’t speak up because of fear of rejection or judgement…

Once, many years ago, a friend of mine called me “obnoxious” because I always like to be doing things. I didn’t want to just stay home… I wanted to take road trips, go to conventions, and I always had some

When A Rattlesnake Bite Is A Good Thing…

Have you ever read the book “Holes?” In the book, the main character Stanley mentioned that life digging holes was so bad that he would sometimes prod a small rattlesnake to bite him so he could get a couple of